Concrete Patios and Their Newfound Relevance

I walked into the backyard in the hot southern Nevada desert, expecting another typical plain patio one is used to seeing. Then I began to wonder what it means to be used to something. I mean, I’ve seen a few boring, plain patios around the Las Vegas area. They tend to all look very similar each one less exciting than the next. I don’t understand how some people could be content with a patio that is so bland. It does absolutely nothing to add value to the home, financially and aesthetically speaking. It seems like someone who’s interested increasing the value of their home would be interested in investing in a sophisticated backyard patio, and not settle for the default nonsense that many homes in the desert are equipped with. Even if its just for the appearance, it seems unavoidable to have to do something to increase the beauty of one’s backyard patio.

So I was at my buddy’s place in Pahrump, a small to medium sized town located about 45 minutes west of Las Vegas. He owns a very modest home, 3 bedrooms and 2 bath, in a quiet neighborhood on the edge of town. Pretty nice place, to be honest. Not really for me, since I am a connoisseur of the country lifestyle (and the pretentious lifestyle apparently) but I could see how it would be appealing to someone who desires a small town lifestyle. He takes me out to his backyard through the sliding glass door in the kitchen and I am expecting to see yet another incredibly dull and fundamental desert themed concrete patio. But to my fortunate surprise, I was actually astonished. The patio floor looked as if it were meticulously crafted by some sort of concrete artisan. It had a sort of rustic appeal to it, and looked as genuine as it could. It was certainly not something I was accustomed to seeing in the area. I asked my friend who did this beautiful work and he told me Pahrump Concrete Contractors were to blame. I am now convinced the are arguably the best concrete contractors Pahrump has to offer. For such a small town I am impressed at the quality of the work. It seems like something you would see in the backyard of a home in the Hollywood hills. And I’m sure they probably had their hand in something like that given the relatively close proximity to the Los Angeles area.

But anyway, how do I really know that most concrete patios in the desert are boring and dreadfully plain and simple? The truth is, I don’t. I have only seen the ones I’ve seen. It might be entirely possible that I am stuck in a social bubble of people who would be content with the awful patio design I have described, leading me to believe that a majority of people feel this way. After all, I am supposed to associate with a diverse group of people with diverse taste, but this does not guarantee a diverse taste in patio, or a diversity of thought. How do I really know what the majority of desert patios look like? How do I really know what the majority of people think about anything? I only have my own experiences to go by. I am not sure I can trust myself to make the right decision regarding my belief in what most people are content with their patio looking like.

But what do I know about patios in the desert anyway?

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