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Haply, for I am Brit Muslim; not an Oil Saud

Mohamed Tamalt *

Even after becoming a British citizen, I am not entitled to tell the Scots not to wear Kilts, the Irish not to admire Val Doonican, the Welsh not to eat Rarebit, or the English not to love the Act of Settlement passed in 1701 to exclude from the throne Royals who choose to be Catholic, Muslim, Jewish or Hindu or who engage in an interfaith marriage. Nonetheless the British government does not see any problem in telling me and the people of Algeria, my first country, to be governed by the puppets of the west and ruled by Western laws inherited from colonialism.
Last January, a Counterterrorism Police Squad raided my house at 6:30am to arrest me for what I published about the Prime Minister of Algeria Abdelmalek Sellal and his family members. Most of these posts were published when I was in Algeria and were exclusively read by an Arabic readership, none of them were meant to influence the way of life or the governance of the British society .
From the thousand facts and fact which I published about Mr. Sellal abuse of office as a local administrative Governor, a Minister, and a Prime Minister; the British establishment dealt selectively with my writings and saw only my critics of the marriage of his daughter Rym with a Christian man, a marriage which violated both the Algerian Civil and Family laws.
I was bailed For 3 Months by the British Counter-Terrorism Police with no charge; in April 2015 they decided not to charge me for lack of evidence, but in August 2015 they ‘changed their mind’ (as exactly said DC Atkinson from the Counter-Terrorism) after they knew that I am intending to sue both Police and Government in the High Court.
When I was in Algeria until September 2014 I was interviewed by the Military Police and assaulted by the Secret Police after publishing reports on the Prime Minister’s dark past during the Civil War. Mr Sellal, as I published, was responsible for the management of 3 open prisons in the Sahara where Thousands of peaceful Algerians were detained for years with no charge and only for their Political opinion.
My arrest came one month after David Cameron and Abdelmalek Sellal met in London to discuss business; not a coincidence I am sure. Is it not Cameron who assured the Saudis who he met, for Business too, that the UK will vote against the removal of Al Fagih (an enemy of the Arabian Monarchy) from the UN Sanctions List? One of thousands of Wikileaked Cables from the Saudi Foreign Ministry confirmed this information attributed to Riyadh’s Envoy in London Mohammed Bin Nawaf.
The British Government and Police failed to protect me from the harassment of the Algerian regime which went to the extent of hacking and destroying my online Magazine and Social accounts.
When David Cameron was letting young and naive Brits join the ‘Mujahideen’ in Syria, I exchanged a series of emails with Robert Ford, the last US ambassador in Syria who knew me well, to tell him that he was promoting terrorism not freedom. And when Philip Hammond’s Tornados and Typhoons were assisting those ‘Mujahideen’ in Libya, I was telling Senior Members of the Swedish Defence College that this will lead to the Chaos.
One of my Youtube Videos about ‘the Arab Spring of Radicals’ was watched by more than 7 Million people in less than 3 months, and resulted my Youtube Channel being banned in Saudi Arabia and other Countries.
My Magazine, Arab Context, is the only magazine in the world which wrote about the secret contact between MI6 and Osama Bin Laden trough Abdel-Moneim Al-Madhouni, a Libyan hero of the Arab Spring. These information, were found in letters obtained during the raid of Bin Laden’s compound, and are publicly available in the archives of the US Justice Department; they were even used as evidence in the trial of the British Pakistani Abid Naseer.
David Cameron who lowered the British flag for a person like King Abdullah ‘Oil Saud’ who sent thousands of radicals to Iraq and Syria to stoke the fire of Sectarianism, is not the right person to tell me how to write or speak about Algerian affairs. And instead of attempting to rescue The Prime Minister of Algeria and his family, he should think how to rescue himself from the humiliating defeat he is going to witness if he stands in a fair election against a honourable man like Jeremy Corbin, a man whom Imperialists and Tax avoiders will always fight.
As a Muslim I will be more than glad to be ruled by a Christian man like Corbin than by any of the hypocrite Oil Sheikhs and Princes of Arabia who are now inspiring Algerian and British politicians; yet the British Establishment wants to see me jailed for what they called ‘hostility against the Christians’.
There is a tight line between militating for freedoms in the Middle East and North Africa and attempting to restore colonialism there as attempted Cameron and his friends Obama and Sarkozy. If Cameron’s Freedom Catalogues are only designed for peoples ruled by Gaddafi and Bashar, who were not more criminal than his ‘Oil Puppets’ in Arabia; then it’s better to keep those Catalogues in the Whitehall.
Where was the British Counterterrorism Police which arrested me when Cameron fought the repeal of the 1701 Act of Settlement?
Where was the British Counterterrorism Police when Moussa Koussa, the murderer of Yvonne Fletcher and the BBC’S Mohamed Ramadan, stayed in Britain in 2011 with no Diplomatic Immunity preventing his arrest?
Where was the British Police when Soad Hosny an Egyptian actress was murdered in London by Safwat El Sherif, a Minister from Mubarak’s era who ordered her when he was a young officer in the Mukhabarat to sleep with politicians and to spy them?

Where was the British Police When Ali Al Shamrani, a Saudi ‘Diplomat’ sent delinquents to assault UK based members of the opposition in 2003?
And where was the British Police when the House and the Daughter’s car of Saeed Al Shehabi, a Bahraini opponent, was set to fire here in London by people whom the Police never located, but whom the victims accuse to be ‘Oil Khalifa’ Envoys.
British People, like every people in the World, love fairness and justice, they just need to step away from the influence of corrupt Media and Politicians. My Algerian Prime Minister’s trial will begun in the morning of the 4th of September at Westminster Magistrate Court; be there for the sake of fairness and justice and to prevent the British Government and Police from abusing the law.

During the trial I will express my deep commitment to defend an independent and a tolerant state in Algeria, free from any kind of Western or Radical influence. But as Othello said: ‘Haply, for I am black. And have not those soft parts of conversation that Chamberers have.’

*Mohamed Tamalt is a British Algerian journalist, he is the Editor in Chief of Arab Context Magazine published in the UK.


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  1. You are a beautiful and brave man standing tall and wide. I wish many are lika you. Your and mine country is in the abyss. The tiger is at its neck. Please get us more information. We need We need more texts in french and english since many people do not have a good command on arabic

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